Forward and Back


July 11, 2016

I’m sitting on the back porch this morning….coffee in hand, feet bare, listening to bugs and birds.


I look at the green of the garden and trees, and I can’t help but wonder……

Why do I feel more alive on days like today than on the barren days of winter?


Physically, it makes no sense.  My body’s vital signs beat just as strong on the 11th of January as the 11th of July.  I try to live with the understanding that every day is a gift; that God has planned each day and they are all to be treasured…..

…..But if I’m being honest, on bleak and grey February days, it’s more than possible to  feel only half alive.  And yet I am carried through those times by the belief that some day, once again, there will be a day like today.  Though it’s difficult to picture as I gaze upon lifeless landscapes, deep down, I have to believe.

Still….on days like today, I cannot help but recognize that soon, all will be silent and still once more.


To Become.


Is it foolish to think this way?

Or wise?

I suppose time will tell.

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