For the last several years I’ve been exploring my faith, and though it often didn’t look like it, I am growing closer to God.  I’ve had to realize a lot of ugly truths about myself,  and though where I’ve been more closely resembles a wrestling match than the transcendent mountaintop memes I often see on the internet, I stand by the beauty contained here.  It used to be my goal to be recognized for my writing…. I tried to get attention for my words.  I’ve sort of stopped doing that.  I don’t even share this on my Facebook page anymore, in fact.  So, if you’ve found this, I have to believe there’s a reason.

I attribute most of my growth to a Bible study method my church uses called SOAP, which I will explain in a post.  And that’s mainly what I plan to share here…. my Bible study journaling entries.  To be honest, I’m very uncomfortable with the thought of sharing these entries (which is why I’ve taken the sharing function off my Facebook) but feel that I’m meant to do so.  So, without further ado….my name is Nicole… let’s get this started.



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